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About Contract Data

Three state agencies have the primary responsibility for state procurement. They are the Department of Administration (DOA), which oversees procurement for goods, services, and construction (excluding transportation construction); Information Technology Services, which oversees procurement for information technology goods and services; and the Department of Transportation, which oversees procurement for transportation construction.

The bids data on this site come from DOA's Division of Purchase and Contract Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) database of bids and awards. IPS includes competitively bid contract award transactions reported by state government agencies. It summarizes who bought what, from whom, and where. Data are also shown from the E-Procurement System, which records purchase orders issued by state agencies who use this automated system. Data are available from Information Technology Services bids for goods and services. Finally, data is also available for construction bid awards from DOA's State Construction Office.

The current information on contracts generally focuses on the competitive contracts signed by state agencies in a fiscal year (which begins every July). Information is updated monthly, and includes:

  • Contracts awarded by broad commodity group (e.g., agricultural supplies)
  • Contracts awarded by agency
  • Amounts of each individual contract award
  • Purchases made using the E-Procurement system
  • Amount of E-Procurement purchase orders by line item
  • Vendor information related to specific contract awards
  • North Carolina accounting system(NCAS) payments for purchases

In addition, a link is provided to the Department of Transportation for information regarding building and highway construction contracts. Future enhancements will incorporate this information in NC Open Book.

Some smaller competitive contracts are not available because agencies have been delegated authority to handle these procurements on their own. Future enhancements, which are underway, will include these as directed by Executive Order 4.