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I want the State to purchase from my business, how can I become a vendor?

You have a better chance of receiving a contract for the state to purchase from your business if you register to receive information about bid opportunities. You can register electronically by going to and completing the on-line registration. If you need assistance in completing the necessary paperwork to do business with the state, contact the Division of Purchase & Contract at or the Statewide IT Procurement Office at


What is the difference between a statewide convenience contract and a statewide term contract?

A statewide term contract is a contract intended to cover all normal requirements for a commodity or service for a specified period of time based on aggregated estimated quantities. Statewide term contracts are established by the Division of Purchase and Contract or Statewide IT Procurement Office for use by state entities. When a commodity or service is covered by a statewide term contract, it is mandatory to purchase from that contract in most cases unless exempted by general statute. Convenience contracts function like statewide term contracts, but their use by agencies is not mandatory.


Who is responsible for the State’s purchasing program?

The Department of Administration is responsible for administering the State’s program for the acquisition, management, and disposal of personal property, as well as the acquisition of services for state agencies, community colleges and universities. The Secretary of the Department of Administration is authorized and responsible for adopting and carrying out the rules promulgated herein. The administration of this program is delegated to the State Purchasing Officer in the Division of Purchase and Contracts (P&C) who reports to the Secretary of the Department of Administration. The Office of Information Technology Services is responsible for procuring all information technology for State agencies. The State Chief Information Officer is authorized and responsible for adopting rules for implementing the IT Procurement program. The administration of this program is delegated to the Chief IT Procurement Officer in the Statewide IT Procurement Office who reports to the State Chief Information Officer. The Department of Transportation has responsibility for the acquisition of selected goods and services.