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Follow the Money

It is possible to follow a dollar all the way through state government - from its arrival in the state's bank account to when, where, and how it is spent.

Money comes into the state's bank account from many sources - the federal government, state income tax collections, fees collected for renewing a business license, and more.

Leaders of the various state agencies make requests to the Governor for money to operate programs. The Governor considers these requests, and develops a budget for how state money can best be allocated among the state agencies to maximize benefits to the citizens of the state. This recommended budget is then sent to the legislature, which considers these recommendations, and makes adjustments to them. The approved budget is created once the legislature votes and passes its budget and the Governor signs it into law.

Agencies use the money allocated to run programs, purchase goods and services, and make grants to various non-state agencies. Here is an example for contracts:

A State Agency runs a program to provide the annual flu vaccine through local Health Departments. The agency must purchase the vaccine and supplies for innoculating citizens, but contracts out the work of giving the vaccine and keeping records of who got innoculated. Click here to view an example of the steps an agency goes through to purchase materials and to pay people to perform the work. Click here for a more detailed diagram of the procurement process.

The Contracts Train Trip

Each stop on the "Follow the Money" train allows you to follow the progress of money through the Contracts process. Here is a summary of the data you can find at each stop:

Agency List: shows agencies that purchase goods/services or have them purchased through the state's Procurement system. The first three agencies on the list handle purchasing across multiple agencies.
Report: Bid summary, showing the number of awarded bids for a chosen agency. The information is broken down by purchasing agency, with seperate sections for Purchase and Contract, ITS Procurement Office and State Construction Office.
List of Awarded Bids: shows awarded bids for the specified fiscal year.
Report: Summary info for awarded bids, including bid number, description, who the purchase was for, bid type, category, commodity class, open and award dates, vendor, award amount, agency contact information.
List of Bid Vendors: shows vendors who are approved to provide goods and/or services for specific bids.
Report: Vendor Information for Bids, including vendor name and address, awarded bids, bid type, bid number, which agency, the date awarded, and the amount.
List of Contracts: shows all contracts awarded for a particular bid.
Report: Contract to Purchase by Agency / by Contract, including the agency, contract ID, bid, contract title, vendor name, purchase order, and total. The contract ID, bid and purchase order may be examined from this report. A grand total is included at the bottom of the page.
Contract Vendor: detailed information about the vendor receiving the contract.
Report: Purchase Order information, including the contract ID, contract title, agency, Purchase Order number, amount of contract and NCAS payment information. Contract ID, PO number and NCAS payment may be examined in more detail from this report.

Specific stops can be reached directly by using the dropdowns that appear at the top of each train trip page. You may also search for information by using the available options in the Search box found on the left.