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A grant means state funds disbursed by a state agency to carry out a program or services. However, the term does not include any payment made by the Medicaid program, the Teachers' and State Employees' Comprehensive Major Medical Plan, or other similar medical programs. A grant is an agreement between the state and a private entity, for-profit, non-profit, or governmental organization (grants to government organizations are currently not available on this site).
A grantee is a recipient entity that performs the agreed-upon service or carries out a program or activity agreed to with the granting state agency. Grantees include any non-state entity subject to the audit and other reporting requirements of the Local Government Commission.
The Community Resource Information System is the web-based system on which state agencies list their grant program summary information and guidelines which may be used by prospective grantees to apply for grants to carry out the programs.
NCGrants is an automated grants reporting information system that records information on every grant awarded to a non-governmental organization, and includes information about the recipient of the grant, their location, the grant program, and payments made to the grantee. At the conclusion of a grant, grantees must enter information about results of the grant activity.
Location of Grantee
The city or town where the grantee is registered, not necessarily the place where the services were provided.
Location of Services
The county or counties, using the grant money to provide service to its residents.